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The Visual Diary series is meant to capture places (cities, islands, front yards) from our specific point of view.

VALPARAISO was a living canvas. The city - an hour and a half outside of Santiago - was seemingly covered in graffiti, murals, or street art. We only spent two days exploring this hilly city and this video reflects our curiosity. You'll see bits of the neighborhood Polanco, the historic port, and our neighborhood on Cerro Concepcion.

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Music: El Retourno by Monster Rally
I am designer & photographer on a 4-month trip through South America with my boyfriend, a filmmaker. We'll be making our way from Brazil to Uruguay, Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, and finally Peru -- writing, taking photos, & creating videos as we go.

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You guys – how have I not reblogged one of these yet?! Meredith and Thomas are a couple of lovely, wonderful, talented humans who are traveling through South America (via New York, via Walton High School, holla!) and you should go follow their blog right now.


Georgetown, Penang, Malaysia


Georgetown, Penang, Malaysia

Street art is mathematically simple by Aakash Nihalani / via farewell-kingdom / helloyoucreatives

Day 4 - Living Walls 2012

Are you excited yet?! 

Got to work with the oh-so-talented PLF on this week’s cover.

by  Pablo S. Herrero / via erjeya

By nofamenogame / via influent

By kreemos / via true-nyc

Hense: With Paint on His Hands for PURGEATL

via jasontravisphoto

Living Walls 2011 with Hunter (Pt.2)

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