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More snaps from the ol’ road trip.

Atlanta > Boulder : a story in instagramz.


The Walking Dead 

Atlanta after snow/ice

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The Atlanta Hotel - Bangkok, Thailand / via wehadabadidea


I wrote the first issue of Brother, a food zine from chef Ryan Smith, photographer Andrew Thomas Lee, and designer Alvin Diec



Well, this is it. I’m on my way to the airport with my long distance boyfriend of 5 kickass years to bid adieu to my amazing family and to all things comfortable and familiar. In case you don’t know us well and/or we haven’t already talked your ear off about it, we’ve quit our jobs and will be backpacking across Southeast Asia for the next 7 months starting today. It won’t be easy, but the best things never are.

We’ll begin with a layover in LA, then Hong Kong to bring in the Year of the Snake. Then we’ll hop over to Bali for two months, then on to Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam. I’ll be reblogging my faves from our travel blog in just a few days, so stay tuned. It’s about to get weird.

Onward! - Amanda

This week’s cover for Thomas Wheatley's amazing story on “What happens when your neighbor is a multimillion dollar shrine to sports”.

Went a little cheeky on this one. Everything looks very sweet even though something is clearly amiss. It’s the attitude you might embrace if you were, say, Arthur Blank for example: “Everything’s just fine and dandy. Sports! Yay! Nothing to see here. Move along. Thank you!” *Irony y’all* Anyway, I’m not sure all of that comes across, but I hope it does.

“1891 - first two story house built in Atlanta - no. 22 Trinity Avenue” / via themidtownarchive

Day 4 - Living Walls 2012

Are you excited yet?! 

Got to work with the oh-so-talented PLF on this week’s cover.


Screen on the green

Throwback! Miss you. Get in my life.

By Joel Meyerowitz / via paulinabelen

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