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Osei Duro is hands down my favorite brand out there right now. Batik textiles on natural fibers like cotton and silk, produced by local artisans & garment workers in Accra, Ghana. Also, they fit like a dream. So there’s that. My fellow Boulderites can find the line at Cedar & Hyde. / via oseiduro

by Henry Robert Bresil / via patternbase

TOMTEBOGATAN 46 B - SÅLD via Fantastic Frank

by Ed van der Elsken

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Hit a home run! Do it with good posture! If you’re not listening to Throwing Shade, you need to re-think EVERYTHING.

This week, I got all the things I’ve been wanting for a long time.

Hard times arouse an instinctive desire for authenticity.
Coco Chanel

Maison Couturier in Veracruz, Mexico // via csebastian


The Frustrated Punks of Burma

In recent years, punk and hardcore has been on the rise in the isolated Southeast Asian nation of Burma, or Myanmar. The country is ruled under one of the cruelest military dictatorships in the world and has committed countless crimes of humanity against its citizens.

Youth protest has always been something symbolic to people wanting to rebel against the government, and in 2007 especially, during the Saffron Revolution, many university students supported nonviolent protests led by Buddhist monks through the streets of the nation’s capital, Yangon.

However, the international media coverage has died down quite a bit since then, the struggle of the country forgotten.

These days, the Burmese youth have turned to punk, not only as a style or genre of music, but a socio-political statement. To them, punk is not a game, but a mechanism in which they can liberate themselves from oppressive societal norms and make a statement against the military regime. With a harsh system of media censors, a lot of Burmese punk musicians risk imprisonment and even death for their acts of rebellion against the government. In fact, quite a few of them are ex-political prisoners. Popular bands right now include Rebel Riot and No U Turn.

Furthermore, the recent religious violence against displaced muslims in the country, named the Rohingya, have incited even more turmoil amongst citizens. Unfortunately, this violence has been led by Buddhist monks. This has prompted the world to accuse the country of “Buddhist fundamentalism” and being hypocritical of their religion, which is associated with peace and nonviolence.

Burmese punks, however, call it like they see it, stating that the monks who are leading the violence are not true Buddhists. They seem to be the only ones in the country taking a stand against the violence, which is a powerful statement, because it involves speaking out against monks, who are seen as highly venerable and respected members of society. More information regarding this can be found at the following links:



In Burma, punk is truly living up to what it was designed for—a DIY movement denouncing racial and religious intolerance, fascism, and overall restriction of free speech from oppressed groups of people. Burmese punks are brave, unashamed, and refuse to be silence, even if they risk death in the process. 

It’s finally starting to feel like summer, I move into my dream apartment in a few short weeks, and I’m constantly between 5 and 90 minutes from positively ridiculous amounts of natural beauty. So… things are pretty good.

Poplavok branding by Ira Smolikova

My old lip color could barely keep up with my busy schedule. In the time it takes to notice the wide discrepancy between my salary and that of my male peers, I’d have to reapply! In the seconds to count the number of women in high political office, seated on corporate executive boards and featured in film and television over the age of 40, my lip color would be as invisible as this glass ceiling only inches above my head! L’Oreal. Because I am worth it. And because holding myself to an impossible standard of beauty keeps me from starting a riot!

My top 1 comedian Maria Bamford.

Watch her absolutely perfect delivery here.

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