Explorations and inspirations of an Atlanta transplant
in Boulder.
We are
Born like this
Into this
Into these carefully mad wars
Into the sight of broken factory windows of emptiness
Into bars where people no longer speak to each other
Into fist fights that end as shootings and knifings
Born into this
Into hospitals which are so expensive that it’s cheaper to die
Into lawyers who charge so much it’s cheaper to plead guilty
Into a country where the jails are full and the madhouses closed
Into a place where the masses elevate fools into rich heroes
Charles Bukowski

Sausalito, CA home of Catherine Bailey and Robin Petravic. Photo by Leslie Williamson





Mexico ‘68

brand legend.

Best/only Olympic brand.

You guys - things could definitely be worse. 

Lee Ufan - From Line, 1978

Lee Ufan - From Line, 1978

Portland, OR home of Leah Verwey and Rob Simonsen.

Hunting for George, shot on location in the home of Simone Haag.  Photo by Eve Wilson

The less I needed, the better I felt.
Charles Bukowski

Pinang Peranakan Mansion - Penang, Malaysia / by waterfortea (whose time in Asia I’ve enjoyed following immensely!)

All of the 4000+ photos that Hunter and I shot on our 45 day stay in Laos on our A Bad Idea trip this past year.

Everybody’s all, “The 90s are back.” And I’m all, “No way, guys. What’s back is 1930s France!” See also: 60s Jane Birkin. / photos by the Seeberger Brothers

Beach home of Dwell Studio’s Christiane Lemiuex / photo by Johnny Valiant for Coastal Living magazine

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